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Distance from Earth

Bortrum is located in a solar system called Barsum, which is 999 light years away from planet earth.

Duration of days and years

1 Bortrumian year is equal to 730 earth days. So 1 year on earth is only half a year in Bortrum. A day on Bortrum lasts double than a day on earth, so 1 day on bortrum is 2 days on earth. this is because bortrum is twice as far from its sun than earth is from ours.


Earth has a diameter of 12,756 kilometers, this is very small compared to Bortrum. Bortrum has a diameter of 279,371 kilometers and therefore is a lot bigger than the Earth


The gravity on earth is 1g. Normaly the gravity is stronger in a big planet than in a small planet. Bortrum is very peculiar in this way for it has half the gravity of earth and it is more than ten times its size! In bortrum you can jump double the hight you can jump on earth simply because the gravity isn't as strong! Isn't that amazing?

Unique Characteristics

Bortrum is very different from other planets, its inhabitants the Bortrumians dont breath oxigen nor do they have noses. They use holes located at the sides of their eyes to inhale a gas called Nitroxal. 

Instead of water they drink a type of oil called voil that is composed of vegetables and chemicals.

The temperature in Bortrum can drop below 0 at night and exceed 100°f at noon.

This planet has a very advanced technology with a very efficient society in one hemisphere of the planet. The other hemisphere they protect and have strict laws over not damaging the vegetation unless given permission. This is one of the reasons they are so advanced, for they have tons of resources that aren't even close to ending.

The Bortrumian oceans aren't made of water, they are made of oil, which has always been the fuel they use.

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